About Us


Jim and I, married in 1981, have been in business together, as full time silversmiths, since 1995. My company started when I invented a portable jewelry stand. Finally women could "squirrel their jewelry away with ease," hence the name Squirrel-Eze. Jim, who has a passion for woodworking, came on-board full time to meet production needs and our busy show schedule. I received a U.S. Patent on it and our lives were changed forever. It was a nutty idea that worked!  

We took silversmithing classes at the Worcester Center for Arts and Crafts, the oldest school of its kind in the United States, and continue to take classes wherever we travel and love to experiment on our own. As our jewelry line took off we found we did not have time to make the labor intensive jewelry stands. We still receive requests for them, and hope someday to bring them back.

My first love is horses. I earned my Horsemaster's in 1978, enjoying a long and storied equestrian career. I have taught yoga since 1995 and own Yoga Unfettered®, a traveling yoga program offering Functional Yoga™ Clinics to specialized groups.

As a writer I have penned monthly columns, manuals, and trade tutorials on various subjects, some of which will be available on this site. I am working on several non-fiction books and paint landscapes to relax. My paintings have hung in art exhibitions, been used to illustrate my writings, are featured on my textiles, and in my jewelry designs.

As a silversmith, I draw on my love of nature and simplicity to design bold yet delicate pieces. My signed original designs, handmade one line at a time, combine simple, ancient techniques to create intricate, complex designs. I have been a national finalist and won regional and trade magazine awards. My jewelry makes a statement not an impact.

Jim hiked the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine and his jewelry designs capture his bold, dynamic style. He specializes in chain maille, a series of interconnected woven metal rings, once worn by knights for protection, now modified and refined to create classic, elegant jewelry. He hand forms and cuts his sterling silver and gold filled rings. Though made of metal, Jim’s mesmerizing supple patterns drape like fabric, have the look of lace, and feel like silk.

We’ve traveled from Massachusetts to Arizona doing craft and corporate shows, including the Tucson Show, the largest jewelry show in the world! Our works have been on exhibition in local and national galleries and museums. We offer wholesale, retail, and own an artisans boutique.

As for the picture of us in the tree: We, like our squirrel namesake, are a bit nuts. We went out on a limb when we joined the ranks of the self-employed. Happily, with loyal customers like you, we’ve never looked back!

Thank you for your continued interest and support!


Jim and Helen Yetman-Bellows